Pest Control Is About Restoring Balance

Nature and the human body are the most advanced engineering creations ever made, and despite our advance knowledge and technology, there are still many things that we do not understand. Any pest outbreak shows a disturbance in the natural balance in nature. The natural predator of a particular organism – that has now evolved into […]

Bark Borers and their Kin in Macadamias

by Schalk Schoeman, Rersearch Extension Manager, SAMAC The polyphagous shot hole borer was positively identified on macadamias in the South Coast during March this year. Various bark borer species were observed on macadamias since 2014 and their incidence has been increasing every year since then. This situation is not unique and other countries with subtropical […]

Moth Borer Complex on Macadamia

Schalk Schoeman – SAMAC The economic importance of the moth complex is often vastly underestimated as growers often tend to only take notice of the direct kernel damage reported by various kernel processing facilities. Typically, this type of damage seldom exceeds 5% which is accepted as a general action threshold in lieu of a more […]