Pest Control Is About Restoring Balance

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Nature and the human body are the most advanced engineering creations ever made, and despite our advance knowledge and technology, there are still many things that we do not understand.

Any pest outbreak shows a disturbance in the natural balance in nature. The natural predator of a particular organism – that has now evolved into a pest – is absent or not present in adequate numbers to control the pest. This creates in imbalance which, if not restored, can cause irreparable damage to crops or fields.

The challenge, of course, is that should one eliminate the pest in totality. It is worth noting that this may well create other imbalances. This is how nature works – there is a place for everything and everything has its place.

There are many reasons these imbalances occur, but it is not the purpose of this piece to investigate the latter or even discuss the precise solutions. Biological or chemical solutions address the symptoms and not the source of the problem.

When you experience dis-ease in your body, you consult a doctor. He prescribes medication and although it may improve the condition, it presents side effects which require different medication to address the side effects. It creates a vicious and infinite circle which creates such great disturbance within the body that it becomes impossible to restore its natural equilibrium.

Our body is a microcosm of the macrocosm – fine-tuned to perform and operate at is optimum level to ensure longevity and a healthy, comfortable life free from physical discomfort or dis-ease.

How does science address pest control?

It employs pesticides, or biological control, as an intervention.

Pesticides are chemical components which can kill insects, fungi and plants. It is dramatic and indiscriminating in its purpose and although it can produce immediate results in getting rid of the pest, its side-effects may cause more damage to the life cycle of other important elements or animals and even humans.  

Just as there is room for emergency medical intervention and the use of dangerous medication like morphine, there is a place for chemical intervention within the pest control regime.   

Biological control implies more employment of the natural predators (living organisms) of the pest to eliminate the access numbers and thus restore balance to allow nature to do what she does best.

Biological intervention may well require more time to produce the required results, but the latter will be longer lasting and more effective.

A local farmer recently expressed the need to get back to basics.

What are these basics?

Farming the soil,” he said. Farming the soil implies, for one, a more natural approach which will then yield better crops that require less or no chemical pest control.”

Several academic articles the author read about this subject emphasised that applying a biological solution – or any solution presents a mesh of intricate elements to be considered before the application of a pest control solution.”

How do you control the pests on your farm?

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